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Victor ASH, Berlin 2008 (Backjumps) (Victor Ash´s Website).
ABOVE (USA) & JUST, Berlin 2012 (Above´s Website).
MOKI, Lueneburg 2010 (Moki´s Website).
BLU & JR, Berlin 2009 (Planet Prozess) (Blu´s Website).
KR, Brooklyn NYC 2010 (KR´s Shop).
ZEZAO, Lueneburg 2010 (Zezao´s Flickr).
KLONE, Tel Aviv 2012 (Klone´s Website).
DOLK, Berlin 2009 (Urban Affairs) (Dolk´s Website).
BOXI, Silkeborg 2009 (Courtesy of Reinking) (Boxi´s Website).
Alex, Bangkok Thailand 2009.
Eliot BK, Berlin 2012 (Super-Eliot).
ZOSEN, Wroclaw Poland 2011 (Zosen´s Tumblr).
L´ATLAS, Berlin 2011 (Skalitzers) (L´Atlas´s Website).
Brad Downey, Osnabrück 2009 (Courtesy of Reinking).
THE LONDON POLICE, Berlin 2009 (
Mirko Reisser aka. DAIM, Silkeborg 2009 (Mirko´s Website).
THRLL, Berlin 2010.
Student-Protest, Berlin 2009 (Strassen aus Zucker).
ISOE, Berlin 2009.
ZEVS, Osnabrück 2009 (ZEVS´s Website). Shot 2012-12-03 at 6_25_33 PM.png
GRAFRO, BIMER etc, Berlin 2010 (
JR, Berlin 2013 (JR´s Website).
1010, Stettin Poland 2010 (1010´s Website).
Capzoola Graffiti Store with Ravit & Lalo, Tel Aviv 2012 (Capzoola on FB).
El Bocho, Berlin 2012 (Bocho´s Website).
Bangkok 2009.
Various & Gould & Graffiti-Lars from Copenhagen, Berlin 2012 (V & G´s Website).
SEEN, Paris 2008 (Seen´s Website).
OTHER (Troy Lovegates), Berlin 2010 (Other´s Flickr).
NOMAD, Berlin 2009 (Nomad´s Twitter).
NANA, Berlin 2009.
POINT, Berlin 2009 (Planet Prozess) (Point´s Website).
Hermann Hack, Berlin 2011 (Hermann´s Website).
Marc Jenkins, Osnabrück 2009 (Mark´s Website).
FURY (USW-Crew), Berlin 2012.
Exhibition at ATM-Gallery in 2009.
Dave the Chimp, Berlin 2010 (Dave´s Website).
Doc Knightfield, Berlin 2009.
Sickboy & Mudwig, Wroclaw Poland 2010 (Out of Sth, BWA) (Mudwig´s Website & Sickboy´s Website). mudwig.jpg
Martha Cooper, NYC 2010 (Martha´s Instagram).
URKEL WURSTBANDE, Berlin 2008 (Wurstbande´s Website).
TILT, Osnabrück 2008 (Tilt´s Website).
NOMAD, Berlin 2008 (Backjumps).
EVOL, Berlin 2010 (Wilde Gallery).
KLONE, Berlin 2011 (Klone´s Website).
El Bocho, Berlin 2011 (Urban Affairs) (Bocho´s Website).
ALIAS, Berlin 2010 (Alias´s Twitter).
THE and Anarchy-Flag, Berlin 2010.
DOMA-Collective, Berlin (Planet Prozess) (Doma´s Website).
EMESS, Berlin 2009 (Emess´s Profile on ATM-Gallery). 2.jpg
EMESS, Berlin 2009 (Urban Affairs) (Emess´s Profile on ATM-Gallery).
Alias holding a Stencil done by L.E.T. (Background), Berlin 2012.
C100, Berlin 2011.
ROA, Berlin 2012.
ROA, Berlin 2012.
VERMIBUS, Berlin 2012 (Vermibus´s Tumblr).
VERMIBUS, Berlin 2012 (whole Process here).
VERMIBUS, Berlin 2012 (whole Process here).
BLU, Berlin 2009 (Backjumps) (Blu´s Website).
BLU, Berlin 2009 (Backjumps) (Blu´s Website).
Various & Gould, NYC 2010 (Various & Gould´s Website).
BERT (AH-Crew) checking for Cops, Berlin Kreuzberg 2010.
ARMSROCK, Berlin 2009 (Armsrock´s Blog).
ARMSROCK, Berlin 2009 (Armsrock´s Blog).
MERK SMD, Tel Aviv 2012 (Zero Cent´s Blog).
Bangkok 2009.
FAITH 47, Berlin 2009 (Faith´s Website).
Johannes Mundiger (XX-Crew), Berlin 2012 (Johannes´s Website).
SP38, Berlin 2012 (SP-38´s Website).
DOMA-Collective, Berlin (Planet Prozess) (Doma´s Website).
AKIM, Bremen 2009.
Billy, at the Art Village Berlin Festival 2012 (Website)

Orderless and incomplete Selection of Artists i met during the last couple of Years.

Every single Photo is taken from a Series describing the whole Process of the Artist Work.. You´ll find some full Stories on my Photo-Blog (right Sidebar: "recent Posts").